Artisan Bags by Refugee Women | We Made This

Support refugee women's empowerment

Globally Inspired, Colorado Crafted


Our international group of women hand-sews every product we sell. As a result, slight variations in design may occur. Please treat all items as handmade.

Many of our items are sewn after an order is placed and may require a lead time of up to three weeks before shipping. Please buy accordingly.

We Made This showcases the cultural diversity of our community through the use of a variety of imported fabrics, including African wax prints, batiks, woven Burmese fabrics, Thai cotton prints, South American woven textiles, indigo fabric, and mudcloth.  This adds to the uniqueness of our products and contributes to the story of integration we hope to show through our designs. Our products can be purchased in our studio boutique and in local seasonal markets as well as here, on